It’s a Sales and Marketing Team; Not a Sales Team and a Marketing Team

When was the last time your marketing team interacted with the sales team to share field intelligence and produce material based on that interaction? It’s probably not as often as you would like to see. What seems to keep them apart and operate as two separate units?

Numerous benefits result from having a tight-knit sales and marketing team. When these two teams collaborate and bring ideas together, you tend to see real, tangible benefits including:

  1. Client-focused campaigns
  2. Original content based on real experiences
  3. A spirit of teamwork and business collaboration
  4. Increased sales
  5. Improved asset retention

As a simple first step, include both teams in weekly sales meetings. Not only will ideas flow but the two teams will start to act as one and produce better overall results.

Bring the two units together and give it a try. Remember that more teamwork is always desired because it’s simple, effective and encourages project ownership. Better yet, it’s free.

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