Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Running an asset management company is a difficult job with many factors, such as market volatility and economic conditions, that are outside of one’s control. However, many functions require specific decision-making and are within a manager’s control. Two key decisions often revolve around the focus on product manufacturing versus product distribution. Since most smaller asset management firms are owned by portfolio managers, they tend to focus most of their efforts on the manufacturing aspect with distribution often seen as an after-thought.

If the Advisor audience is becoming more important to the success of your firm, ask yourself these three basic questions:

  1. Do you know, on an Advisor by Advisor basis, who owns your products and what their purchase and redemption activity has been for the past year?
  2. Do you know which Advisors own your company’s products but haven’t made an additional purchase in a year’s time?
  3. Do you know which Advisors own two or more of your products and what percentage these Advisors comprise of your total Advisor ownership base?

If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know” you may be shortcutting your success potential. Distribution requires analytics and metric setting to determine business progress that will ultimately drive your company’s valuation.

Let’s talk if your distribution strategy could use some retooling and a different perspective. Our job is to grow our clients’ business with a highly disciplined and time-tested approach. The end result: More AUM growth and a higher company valuation.

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