Think Strategically When Volatility Hits

In December 2018, a record $75 billion came out of U.S. equity mutual funds and ETFs, according to The Wall Street Journal. In times of heightened market volatility, investors often overreact to short-term volatility by pulling money out of stocks.... Continue reading

6 Factors to Consider when Launching a Mutual Fund Company

For many institutional asset managers, creating mutual funds that are an extension of their institutional strategies might seem like an easy way to build firm AUM. Yet the mutual fund business can be very different than managing institutional... Continue reading

It’s a Sales and Marketing Team; Not a Sales Team and a Marketing Team

When was the last time your marketing team interacted with the sales team to share field intelligence and produce material based on that interaction? It’s probably not as often as you would like to see. What seems to keep them apart and operate as... Continue reading

Would I Buy From My Own Firm?

Asset managers spend an inordinate amount of time and energy refining their investment process. As product manufacturers, they often fall prey to believing that their “investment engine” is the only reason that financial advisors use their products.... Continue reading

How to Identify the Sales Professional from the Sales Pretender

In an asset management firm, a portfolio manager’s effectiveness is determined by performance results over several time periods. With your sales staff, how do you know if they are making progress toward their goals? What metrics are most effective... Continue reading

Is Your Pipeline Dependent on Performance?

Does your firm have a strategy in place to build a pipeline of new business? Some asset managers tend to de-emphasize new business development in favor of investing in product manufacturing. They believe that having superior risk-adjusted... Continue reading

The Element That May be Missing from Your Series Trust

The proliferation of series trusts has granted easy access to asset managers who want to enter the mutual fund industry. A series trust’s value proposition appears evident on the surface. The trust provides shared fixed costs over a larger asset... Continue reading

Looking for More Growth? Build Infrastructure First

With budget season right around the corner, many asset managers are thinking strategically about ways to grow their business. These initiatives often focus on the following: Seeking new clients or growing wallet share through existing relationships... Continue reading

The Many Benefits of a White Paper

A well-crafted white paper is a powerful tool. In the hands of savvy sales, marketing and public relations teams, a white paper can be instrumental in not only creating interest but also retaining and building assets under management. With its... Continue reading

Don't Confuse PR with Sales

Many fund companies, particularly smaller asset managers, are under the impression that a public relations program is a surrogate sales program in the intermediary channels. This can’t be further from reality. Public relations can be an important... Continue reading

Focused on New Sales? Don't Forget Asset Retention

Far too many asset managers focus on new asset generation without much thought for asset retention. They quickly become sales-centric rather than asset-centric. By doing so, they often shortchange themselves. Maybe it’s time to rethink the... Continue reading

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